I was already appreciating the fact that he respects my time, too.

“I called Weisenborn Builders when I noticed that my living room fireplace was literally sinking which caused cracks throughout the walls and floors at one end of my home.

Reggie pleasantly surprised me by arriving the next day exactly at the agreed upon time. Having dealt with “no show” contractors in the past, I was already appreciating the fact that he respects my time, too.

After a thorough inspection, he described, in plain English, how he planned to shore up and level the supports in my basement. He performed the work expertly and gradually in such a way that everything returned to a proper square and level condition, all without further damage.

Two years later, all painted areas have shown no signs of cracking and the gaps in the hardwood flooring have closed, as well, leaving me thrilled with the results. He has also allowed me access to a great master electrician who performed excellent work at a very reasonable price.

I would, obviously, highly recommend Reggie for any project to anyone seeking a general contractor who actually cares about the results of his work long after it’s completed.


Eileen Bolduc

“Reggie, of Weisenborn Builders, has completed a wide variety of remodeling projects, including kitchen and bath makeovers for my customers and I continue to recommend him simply because I know he will consistently deliver with the same high level of enthusiasm and fine attention to detail that folks have come to expect when I work at their homes.”

Dale Witkum, Owner
Dale & Son Hardwood Floors
Methuen, MA 978-688-5400

“I would recommend Weisenborn Builders to anyone looking for quality and honest work.”

“I had some heavy snow back up the Winter of 2011, which made ice dams and leaks in my living room. Reggie was recommended to me and came out to shovel and take care of my problem during the snowstorm. This led me to contact him for some structural work the following summer.

My three car garage was sinking and rotting on one side. Reggie saved my garage with careful attention to maintaining the structure of the three stalls.

I cannot say enough about Reggie’s careful attention to saving this building for me. He did not create any problems for me to clean it out, but worked around the existing shelves. I would recommend him to anyone looking for quality and honest work. He came when he said he would, and the job was totally completed to my total satisfaction.

I plan to call him again soon as more things have come to my attention as time goes on with some issues here in the house.”

Anne Mattison
Andover, MA 01810